Enabling Professionalism: SNIPEF Strategy 2023-25

As SNIPEF commemorates its centenary, we recognise plumbing's enduring impact on society's progress and well-being. Our new strategy aims to help us move toward a low-carbon and sustainable future, placing Northern Ireland and Scotland's plumbing and heating industries at the forefront.

Our new strategy places professionalism, advocacy, and inclusivity, at its core. With 750 member companies and 5,000+ skilled operatives, we amplify our industry's voice and influence. We spearhead the nation's low-carbon ambitions by equipping professionals, promoting green solutions, and leading in safety-critical endeavours.

SNIPEF Annual Review 2022

A review of SNIPEF in 2022, including its financial summary, an introduction from President Jim Butter and a corporate review from Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive.

Best Practice Guide: Advice to help contractors and sub-contractors improve their management of building contracts.

(Published by the Construction Industry Collective Voice)

Experts in the industry have prepared this Best Practice Guide to provide real-life examples of improving practice across the entire contractual chain.

Best practice advice covers important areas, such as:

  • Tender qualifications
  • Contract amendments
  • Payment schedules
  • Payment applications
  • Variations
  • Retentions
  • Fluctuations
  • Notices
  • Conflict Avoidance Process (CAP)


Research: Payment and cashflow in construction

This research, published by the Construction Industry Collective Voice, was conducted to help gain an accurate picture of the current financial landscape in the Scottish construction industry.


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