General Election 2024 - SNIPEF

General Election 2024

Question: "With recent water industry scandals, how will your party ensure proper training and certification for those handling water infrastructure?"

Answer: "We advocate for stringent training and certification for water infrastructure workers, similar to standards for gas engineers. This ensures they are skilled in maintaining safety and conservation, crucial given recent industry issues."

Question: "Would you support a tax offset of 100-150% to encourage SMEs to train and upskill their employees, boosting UK productivity?"

Answer: "A high tax offset would change the UKs outdated corporate mindset towards the value of training and upskilling. This incentive would encourage businesses to invest in their employees, enhancing productivity and making the UK more competitive globally."

Question: "How will your party address the issues of unfair payment practices in the construction sector to ensure timely and fair compensation for subcontractors?"

Answer: "Amend the law to set strict rules to ensure that all payments and the return of retentions are made promptly and transparently. It would help protect subcontractors and suppliers from delays and unfair practices, ensuring everyone gets paid on time and in full."

Question: "With recent reductions in low carbon targets, how will you ensure that future goals are realistic and achievable?"

Answer: "We believe targets must be practical and involve industry input to ensure they're achievable. Addressing workforce shortages and setting realistic goals are essential to maintain confidence and encourage investment in low carbon technologies."

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