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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Enabling Professionalism

Vision Statement

The Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation's (SNIPEF) new vision of 'Enabling Professionalism' lays the groundwork for a vibrant, supportive environment where plumbing and heating companies and their skilled teams can excel.

SNIPEF endeavours to instil and champion the highest standards of workmanship, ethical conduct, and customer service, thereby setting an industry-leading benchmark.

Our vision encapsulates a steadfast commitment to cultivating continuous learning, sparking innovation, and fostering collaboration. We are resolute in our mission to ensure that our members lead the profession, delivering environmentally conscious, safe, and efficient solutions that stay ahead of and adapt to evolving customer and environmental needs.

By 'Enabling Professionalism,' SNIPEF aims to equip its members, facilitating their contribution to a sustainable future marked by unwavering excellence within the plumbing and heating industry.

Through this shared vision, we at SNIPEF commit to promoting professionalism, redefining industry standards and contributing to a more environmentally-friendly, efficient future.

What our vision means

SNIPEF's new vision emphasises several key components:

1. Excellence in Skills & Services: To enable professionalism means continuously striving for technical excellence. It's about providing the necessary resources, education, and training to ensure that all members are highly competent in the latest plumbing and heating technologies and methodologies.

2. Ethical Standards: These involve instilling and upholding ethical principles within the industry, ensuring that all members follow a stringent code of conduct. This covers everything from honest business practices to respecting clients' needs and ensuring their satisfaction.

3. Customer Service: Enabling professionalism also means promoting superior customer service. It is about making sure that all member companies understand and prioritise the needs of the customer, resulting in a service experience that is both positive and reliable.

4. Innovation & Collaboration: The vision advocates for the importance of innovation and collaboration. It encourages members to adopt new technologies, use innovative solutions, and work together to improve the industry.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Given the potential impact of the plumbing and heating industry on our low-carbon transition, 'enabling professionalism' also signifies an emphasis on sustainable practices. It encourages developing and using more sustainable, efficient heating solutions and adherence to environmental regulations and standards.

'Enabling Professionalism' embodies the Federation's commitment to fostering an environment of continual growth and advancement. It represents the ambition to ensure its members do not just keep pace with industry changes and customer expectations but lead the way in defining what it means to be a professional in the plumbing and heating industry.

Our Mission

We support our members and the entire plumbing industry by:

  • Being the leading advocate for the profession.
  • Developing professionalism through training and upskilling.
  • Inspiring the next generation.

Our People

SNIPEF values:

  • Integrity: Doing what is right and fair for our industry and people.
  • Excellence: In its people and members in serving and benefiting our society.
  • Professionalism: By delivering the standards and competencies expected of the plumbing and heating industry.
  • Collaboration: By working with and for members to ensure their views and skills are recognised and respected.

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