Departments and Contacts - SNIPEF

Departments and Contacts

Name and departmentContact informationAreas of responsibility
Fiona Hodgson
Chief Executive
T: 0131 556 0600
Emma Donaldson
PA to the Chief Executive & Office Manager
T: 0131 556 0600
M: 07983 855 559
Stephanie Lowe
Deputy Chief Executive
T: 0131 556 0600
M: 07706 310 449
Gail Hume
Membership & Events Manager
T: 0131 563 0058
M: 07801 741347
Membership applications
Membership advice & benefits
Membership Retention
Associate and Partner membership
Business opportunities and sponsorship
Regional and corporate events
Public & Member Complaint Process
Local Association relations
Richard Campbell
Marketing and Communications Manager
T: 07710 542 381
Public Relations
Public Affairs: Consultations, Policy
Business Development
SNIPEF website
Low Carbon Forum
Equality, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (SNIPEF)
Cassandra Gowans
Publishing Manager
T: 0131 524 1210
PlumbHeat magazine editorial
PluggedIn e-newsletter editorial
Rik Wolters
Finance Manager
T: 0131 563 6723
Administration of the Plutos Holiday Credit Scheme
Administration of the Industry Sick Pay Scheme
Membership annual subscription invoicing and payments
Payment of invoices, grants and travel expenses
Linda Ferguson
Employment Services
Industrial Relations &
HR Manager
T: 0131 556 0600 (option 9)
Advice relating to employment matters:
- Poor Performance
- Disciplinary
- Grievance
- Termination of employment
- Sickness absence
- Redundancy and temporary lay off
- SNIJIB National Working Rules
- Wage claims
- Employment tribunals
Scott Sanford
Technical Services & Skills Manager
T: 0131 556 0600
M: 07769 152 417
Technical advice and guidance
Technical inspections
Public Affairs: technical submissions and policy
Delivery & development of technical training
Review & development of technical schemes
Monitoring and reviewing standards, qualifications and frameworks within the skills sector
Leslie Fox
Certification Manager
T: 0131 556 0600 (Option 4)
Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme:
- Applications for membership & renewals
- ACCS/BSD courses & refresher Courses

RPZ scheme

Approved Contractor Schemes:
- WaterSafe
- Water Supply Pipe Installer Scheme
- POU Installer Scheme
- Catering Installer Scheme

Legionella risk assessment and disinfection scheme
Dale Thomson
Apprentice Training Manager
T: 0131 524 1245
M: 07923 209 775
Administration of the Modern Apprenticeship for Plumbing and Heating Level 3
Registration and completion of Apprentices
College network engagement
Pre-apprenticeship engagement with schools
Monitoring apprentice progress
Regional Training Officers

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