Structure and Governance - SNIPEF

Structure and Governance

Welcome to the SNIPEF Structure and Governance page, where we provide an overview of the organisational structure and responsibilities that drive the efficient management of SNIPEF.

SNIPEF comprises a network of eight local Associations and three Branches across Scotland and Northern Ireland. At the heart of the association lies the SNIPEF Board, which serves as the governing body responsible for overseeing and effectively conducting SNIPEF's operations and business affairs.

Office Bearers and Board Members 2023-24

SNIPEF Board 2023-24

Representatives from each local association take a place on the SNIPEF Board. The Board meets four times a year and is chaired by the President.

SNIPEF Board Alternate 2022-23

If a Board Member is unable to attend a meeting a representative will attend in their place.

Branch and Associations

Northern Ireland

Our Northern Ireland branch represents plumbers throughout the country.


The Scottish Associations are:

  • Aberdeen & District
  • Banff & Moray
  • Dundee & District
  • Edinburgh & District
  • Fife & Kinross
  • Glasgow & West of Scotland
  • Inverness & Northern District


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