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Past Presidents

As of May 2023, SNIPEF will have had 99 Presidents, with two serving double terms. Below is a list of all Presidents throughout SNIPEF's history.

Fact: J Irving was President for the first two years as his successor fell ill and died during his inauguration. The President agreed to serve a second year.
Fact: Dundee's first President was in 1931. Since then, there has been 10 Presidents from this city (and the only city to have a President in each of the subsequent decades).
Fact: Our only President from Buchlyvie, a village near Stirling. The Baron O'Buchlyvie is renownded for breeding Clydesdale horses.
Fact: Our first President from Inverness was inaugurated in 1957. The Inverness Association was not an original member of SNIPEF from 1923, only being established on 8 October 1914.
Fact: Our first President from Banff was inaugurated in 1969, the year of Woodstock, man on the moon, and my birth (great year).
Fact: Our first President from Paisley, the home of the buddies, ie. a person who was born in the city.
Fact: Our first President from Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland joined the Federation in 1975.
Fact: J Leonard's son would also become President in 2015 (J J Leonard).
Fact: Pop group Texas wrote a song about our 2006 President's hometown of East Kilbride, called Polo Mint City.
Fact: President Matheson (2018) from Polmont is the son of President Matheson from Polmont (1978).
Fact: President Hadden served for two years (2019 and 2020) as most of SNIPEF operations had been curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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