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Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme

What is an Approved Certifier?

Approved Certifiers of Construction are suitably qualified and experienced professionals who operate under, and are registered by, scheme providers such as SNIPEF.

The scheme allows individuals to self-certify work that is subject to a Building Warrant, providing an alternative to using local authority building standards inspectors.

On completion of the work, an Approved Certifier will provide a certificate confirming the work covered by the certificate complies with the building regulations.

How does the scheme work?

SNIPEF was approved, as a scheme provider, to run the Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme (ACCS) by Scottish Ministers in December 2009. The scheme allows individuals (Approved Certifiers of Construction) to “self’ certify” drainage, plumbing and heating work which is subject to a Building Warrant. The Approved Certifier must be directly employed by a business (Approved Body).

Areas of work covered by the scheme include:

  • Above and below ground drainage
  • Unvented systems
  • Gas appliances (above and below 70kw)
  • Solid fuel appliances
  • Oil appliances
  • Solar thermal panels and heat pumps
  • Oil tanks.

For further information, please contact the schemes department on 0131 556 0600 (option 4). To download the Scheme Guide, please click here.

To register your interest, click here.

How do I become an Approved Certifier?

To join the scheme, individuals (Approved Certifiers) must be employed by a business (Approved Body) which is a member of the Plumbing Industry Licensing Scheme or which meets the criteria of the Licensing Scheme.

Individuals must be qualified at either Advanced or Technician level and hold appropriate qualifications for the scope of work they wish to verify. In addition, they must complete a short Approved Certifier of Construction Course.

If an Approved Certifier leaves the Approved Body, they retain their status as an Approved Certifier but cannot issue any certificates until they are employed by an Approved Body. 

Sole traders must be registered as both an Approved Body and an Approved Certifier.

What are the benefits of becoming an Approved Certifier?

  • Quick and easy handling of completion certificates – certified work is not inspected on completion.
  • Customer assurance that works completed on their property will comply with current building regulations and are carried out by fully trained and competent professionals.
  • A discount on the building warrant application fee is given if the local authority is notified of the intended use of an Approved Certifier of Construction and a Certificate of Construction is submitted with the completion certificate.
  • Certification scheme members undergo regular inspections by the scheme provider.
  • Approved Bodies hold appropriate insurance for any work to be certified.
  • Receive a listing on the Scottish Government’s Certification Register, the authoritative list of all Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers in Scotland.
  • Approved Bodies can differentiate themselves from competitors to gain a commercial advantage.

Scheme costs

There is an annual fee for Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers.

You don’t need to be a member of SNIPEF to join the scheme but the annual Approved Body fee is waived for SNIPEF members. All prices below are excluding VAT

SNIPEF MemberNon-Member
Approved Body Fee – AnnualFree£571.00
Approved Certifier Fee – Annual£128.00 £194.00
ACCS Course£205.00 £308.00
Certificate Fees* £13.50 £13.50
Refresher Course**£117.00 £176.00
* Certificates are purchased in groups of 5
** Refresher Course is sat every 3 years

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