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What is WaterSafe?

WaterSafe is a free online directory and national accreditation body for competent and qualified plumbers in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

The scheme is a national accreditation body which checks and approves businesses and their staff to give customers reassurance about the tradespeople undertaking work for them.

It brings together thousands of qualified contractors employed by businesses from the six existing approved contractors’ schemes across the UK

It gives customers looking for a qualified plumber access to a list of WaterSafe recognised professionals in their local postcode area.

The WaterSafe scheme brings together the six Approved Contractors Schemes under one umbrella brand. The scheme recognises qualified plumbers who are employed by a business that is a member of an Approved Contractors Scheme.

SNIPEF operates the Approved Contractors Scheme in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Members of each scheme appear on the WaterSafe register of approved plumbers.

It’s a simple way to give peace of mind to your customers and gain water industry endorsement for your business.

How Can I Join WaterSafe?

To become a member of WaterSafe, a plumbing business or sole trader must join an Approved Contractors Scheme. The business must be located in the geographical area covered by that scheme.

To join SNIPEF’s Approved Contractors Scheme, businesses must meet the criteria for SNIPEF membership and employ at least one qualified individual who holds their Water Byelaws/Regulations qualification undertaking water supply installation work.

SNIPEF Members are eligible to become WaterSafe members at no extra cost. Eligible members must opt to sign up for WaterSafe – you will not be automatically registered.

To find out more about WaterSafe membership or to opt-in, contact the Schemes department on 031 556 06066 (option 4) or email schemes@snipef.org

What Are the Benefits of Being Part of WaterSafe?

  • Be recognised as a qualified and skilled plumber who keeps drinking water safe.
  • Appear on the WaterSafe website.
  • Be listed as a WaterSafe approved plumber on the SNIPEF Need a Plumber website.
  • Display the WaterSafe logo on your vehicles and professional materials.
  • WaterSafe approved plumbers are promoted by all the water companies in the UK, the Drinking Water Quality Regulator, the Citizen Advice Bureau and many other trusted organisations.
  • Receive industry information from the WaterSafe newsletter and website.

Visit the WaterSafe website for more information.

What are the Water Support Services Schemes?*

In addition to WaterSafe, SNIPEF also runs 3 Water Support Services schemes. (*not available in Northern Ireland).

Although these contractors are not approved by WaterSafe, they are recognised by the water companies in the UK to carry out specific types of work in compliance with the Water Fitting Regulations and Byelaws:

Water Supply Pipe Installers (previously Groundworkers)

Members of this scheme are recognised for their ability to install external pipework in accordance with The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 (England and Wales) and Water Byelaws (Scotland) 2014. Ground Workers can work on the supply pipe supplying properties up to the internal stop valve. Although no formal plumbing qualifications are required, proof of competency needs to be provided. Ground Workers will be required to sit a BPEC or equivalent External Services Assessment. Alternatively, a certificate in the knowledge of Water Byelaws/Regulations is acceptable.

Catering Installers

Catering Installers can install commercial kitchen equipment. Although no formal plumbing qualifications are required, proof of competency needs to be provided. Catering installers will be required to sit a Catering Installers’ Assessment in Water Regulations knowledge or provide a Certificate in Water Regulations/Byelaws knowledge. Courses are being run by CEDA (www.ceda.co.uk) and FEA (www.fea.org.uk).

Point of Use (POU)

POU installers can install cold water chillers connected directly to the mains. Although no formal plumbing qualifications are required, proof of competency needs to be provided. The installer will be required to sit a training course and assessment which is run by the Water Dispenser and Hydration Association (TWHA).

What Does the Company Need to Have?

  • They must hold the appropriate insurances and hold Public Liability Insurance of at least £2m and appropriate Employers’ Liability Insurance, where necessary.  
  • Agree to abide with the terms and conditions of the scheme.
  • Employ at least one operative who has met the scheme criteria.

Why Should I Join?

  • Your company will be listed under the Water Support Services Scheme section on the WaterSafe website.
  • You will receive a downloadable Compliance Certificate which should be completed and given to your customer. The certificate will certify that the work carried out is in accordance with the water Byelaws (The Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws 2014, and complies with the legislation governing plumbing installations which connect to the public supply.

Water Support Scheme Fees

There is an Annual Fee for each Water Support Scheme as below. All prices excluding VAT

Member Non Member
Water support schemes, per scheme£114.00 £114.00

To apply for membership of any of these schemes please download the application form by clicking here.

To download the Scheme’s terms and conditions, please click here.

For more information on any of the Water Support Services Schemes contact the Schemes department on 0131 556 0600 (option 4) or email schemes@snipef.org.

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