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Certification schemes

SNIPEF operates a number of approved plumbing and heating certification schemes. These schemes help to raise standards throughout the industry and provide further assurances to customers that work is being completed by qualified and competent professionals and complies with relevant standards.

Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme

Schemes are operated by the Scottish Government Building Standards Division (BSD) and delivered through scheme providers approved by Scottish Ministers. SNIPEF is the scheme provider for the Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme (Drainage, Heating and Plumbing) (ACCS).

WaterSafe – Approved Contractor Scheme

The WaterSafe scheme brings together the seven Approved Contractor Schemes under one umbrella brand. The scheme recognises qualified plumbers who are employed by a business, which is a member of an Approved Contractor Scheme.

Legionella Scheme

The scheme has been developed to ensure that property owners can meet their legal obligations by using a reputable plumbing company that understands the risks associated with legionella and can implement a risk assessment and carry out remedial action where necessary.

RPZ Approved Valve Tester Scheme

The RPZ Approved Valve Tester Scheme has been specifically designed to cover testing and commissioning work carried out on Type BA Backflow Devices (RPZ Valve).

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