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Brexit Information

15 September 2021

Helping businesses to prepare for full Customs Control in January 2022

HM Revenue and Customs is encouraging UK businesses to prepare for customs changes which will be introduced over the coming 6 months.

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1 September 2021

Brexit helplines for business

Browse this directory of helplines offering support and advice to businesses experiencing issues operating after Brexit.

8 September 2021

Guidance and support for your business

Take a look at Scottish Enterprise's Operate after Brexit guidance for information on the changing requirements for dealing with the EU and the processes you need to have in place to continue your relationship with member states.

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30 August 2021

EU citizens staying in Scotland - advice for employers and landlords

Guidance and a toolkit for EU citizens who wish to stay in Scotland, as well as specific advice for their employers and landlords on their legal obligations and EU citizens’ rights (updated 24 August 2021).

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25 August 2021

Businesses given more time to apply new product safety marking

Government confirms businesses will have an extra year to start using the new product safety marking - the UKCA marking (updated 24 August 2021).

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18 August 2021

Trade with Northern Ireland

Since the Northern Ireland Protocol came into effect on 1 January 2021, there have been changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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22 July 2021

Technical Webinars: for Organisations that Trade with the EU

The Cabinet Office has set up bespoke webinars that address issues that have arisen across the different trading routes as the new rules have come into force.

For more details see here

15 July 2021

Webinar: Manufactured Goods Regulations – 20 July 2021

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Goods Regulation team are hosting this webinar on the UKCA mark: the new domestic regime. The webinar will cover the existing transitional measures and key concepts such as how to place manufactured goods on the UK market, covering both the Great British and Northern Ireland markets.

To register to attend see here

8 July 2021

Guidance for Business

The Scottish Government have issued guidance on importing and exporting, travelling to the EU, providing services to the EU, transport goods to the EU and exchanging data with EU businesses.

For more information check here

30th June 2021

Trade and customs: 2021-22 timeline

It's vital for businesses to ensure they are up to date with changing rules and regulations surrounding their business operations. Key dates for companies to note in 2021 and 2022 are listed in this timeline.

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Export support organisations

Need support with exporting regulations and logistics? In addition to Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies, other public and private sector organisations can help. Save time and resource with this handy guide. Browse by topic and type of support.

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17 June 2021

Free Business Support Webinars

Sign up through Business Gateway for free Webinars on topics that include HR essentials, Health and Wellbeing strategies, Remote and Flexible working.

For more details and to sign up see here

10 June 21021

Apply for a Grant to Help SME new to Importing or Exporting

Gov.UK could give you a SME Brexit Support Fund up to £2,000 to help with training or professional advice if your company has up to 500 employees. The deadline is the end of June.

See here for more information

03 June 2021

List of Customs Training Providers

Find online and face to face training courses from the HM Revenue & Customs UK which will help you submit customs declarations.

For more details see here

20 May 2021

New Laws to Ensure the UK has the skills needed

Professional Qualifications Bill introduced to the UK Parliament is ensuring skilled professionals from around the world will have their qualifications recognised in the UK and are able to work, trade and do business.

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06 May 2021

Trade and Customs Timeline

Key dates from Scottish Enterprise have been updated to help you stay on-top of the ongoing Brexit trade developments, with March and April updates still available in case you missed anything.

To check the updates see here

29 April 2021

Trade and Customs: 2021-2022 Timeline

Key dates for companies to note in 2021 and 2022 have been noted by Business Gateway, surrounding business operations.

To see the relevant dates check here

Applying for a grant to Help Small to Medium-sized Businesses new to Importing or Exporting  

The SME Brexit Support Fund set up by Gov.UK could give you up to £2,000 professional advice or training guidance, if your business has up to 500 employees and no more than a £10,000 million annual turnover.

For more details see here

19 April 2021

As businesses adapt to a new trading environment with the EU, the time has come to retire the Prepare for Brexit website. 

The content has been moved to the new Scottish Enterprise website and the Prepare for Brexit site will be retired later this year. The content covers a number of key topics: Northern Ireland Protocol, VAT, rules of origin, sector-specific information, as well as import/export advice.

See here for the new Scottish Enterprise website.

8 April 2021

Export and Finance Risk

Guidance on payment information on export and finance risk by Scottish Enterprise to help you understand the risks involved.

For more details see here

UK Export Finance

UK Export Finance is a Government based service available for UK companies of all sizes and can assist with some of the impact of Brexit with advice on export finance and insurance.

For more information click here

Trade with Northern Ireland

The grace period for trade with Northern Ireland has been extended to 1 October 2021 by the UK Government. Scottish Enterprise have published an explainer document for guidance.

Find out more here

1 April 2021
Financial Support

Support is available from Scottish Enterprise to help you adapt to the risks and costs that leaving the EU has brought to business that have incurred additional business expenses.

See here for more information

Skills, People, and the Workforce

Guidance for employers on the new systems in place for recruiting staff from outside the UK has been updated by Scottish Enterprise.

Check here for more details

Helplines for Business

A directory of helplines offering support and advice for businesses who have issues operating after Brexit has been set up by Scottish Enterprise.

See here for more information

25 March 2021

Trade and Customs: 2021 – 22 Timelines

To ensure you are up to date with the changing rules and regulations with your business operations, Scottish enterprise have updated the key dates.

See here for more details

19 March 2021

Trade with Northern Ireland

Scottish Enterprise has updated the rules for new trading with Northern Ireland and the actions needed.

For more details see here

15 March 2021

SME Brexit Support Fund

HM Revenues and Customs have set out guidance for SME Brexit Support Fund that could give you up to £2,000 to help with training or professional advice if you employ up to 500 employees and have no more than a £100 million annual turnover.

See here for more details   

12 March 2021

Export and Customs Documentation

Check to see if your business is up to date with the new guidance following the UK’s trade deal with the UK from Prepare for Brexit. See here for more details

VAT after Brexit

Prepare for Brexit have issued guidelines for understanding VAT after Brexit for the UK and Northern Ireland trade.

Check here for more information

10 March 2021

Brexit Checklist

Prepare or Brexit have updated the latest guidance, including insurance for working, earnings, and qualifications for working in the EU.

See here for more information

08 March 2021

Conformity Assessment Process and Labelling

Product marketing and labelling regulations have changed, and Prepare for Brexit have set out the requirements for businesses. For example, goods placed on the GB market will need to hold a new UK conformity Assessment (UKCA) and goods on the Northern Ireland market will require both UKNI and CE marketing.

Check here for more information. 

Business Events and Webinars

View the upcoming webinars for April, May, and June, from Prepare for Brexit, including the new immigration systems and recruitment from Europe

For details on how to sign up see here

1 March 2021

Webinars for Business advice on Brexit

Prepare for Brexit have set more dates for business webinars with advice on Brexit. These are updated regularly.

Click here to see details

22 February 2021

Online Brexit Transition Event with a Focus on Northern Ireland  

A free online event from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport will be held on 10 March 2021. This will include speakers from the NI Government, UK suppliers, Ferry Services and Manufactures.

To register click here

19 February 2021

New Webinar on Trading with the EU

The Department for International Trade, OCS Worldwide and Simply have set up a webinar on what UK sellers trading with customers in the EU need to know about VAT and customs

See here to register

Helplines for Trading after Brexit

A list of helplines has been set up by Prepare for Brexit to provide support with a variety of information, including an A-Z guide

Click here for more information

17 February 2021

Understanding VAT after Brexit

Prepare for Brexit have updated the VAT information page for Northern Ireland, EU, and the rest of the world. Giving situational examples on different processes.

Click here for more details.

Common mistakes in Transit Declarations Explained

How to avoid some of the most common mistakes in Transit declaration have been explained by Prepare for Brexit.

To read more see here

15 February 2021

Trade and Customs After Brexit – Key Dates for 2021

Prepare for Brexit have detailed the key dates for companies for 2021, ensuring that business can keep up to date with the changing rules and regulations surrounding business operations.

For more details click here

Legal compliance

To make sure your business is legally compliant check the Prepare for Brexit website for more details and support.

Find out more here

12 February 2021
SME Brexit Support

A new £20 million SME Brexit support Fund has been announced by HM Revenues & Customs for businesses with up to 500 employees.

For more information and application date click here

05 February 2021

Northern Ireland Protocol

Prepare for Brexit have updated their website on the way you can move goods between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, including information on customs handling and exporting freight.

To catch up on the new updated click here

04 February 2021

Interruption of supply chain

Prepare for Brexit have given guidelines on key actions to take and how to adapt, as well as what actions to take if your supply chain has been disrupted.

For more information see here

Brexit check list

Assistance has been provided by Prepare for Brexit which aims to assist with the understanding of the changes affecting Scottish Businesses.

To read more see here  

28 January 2021

Brexit and VAT

Prepare for Brexit Scotland, have update the examples, understanding VAT and special procedures relating to Vat.

See here  for more information

28 January 2021

Rules of Origin: Check your goods comply to trade tariff-free with the EU

The UK Government have created an on demand video service which focuses on priority topics for businesses. One important topic which features in the Rules of Origin. Rules of Origin concerns where a product was manufactured and determines the ‘economic nationality’ of a good for international trade. Businesses need to know about them because the Trade and Cooperation Agreement means they can trade with the EU without paying tariffs – but only if their product meets the relevant Rules of Origin.

To export tariff-free into the EU traders must check their goods meet the Rules of Origin requirements set out in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and have the right documentation.

To confirm the requirements for your goods and to find out more about the support available, the UK Government encourages you to:

Check for details on how to claim preferential (zero) tariffs, and see the documentation you’ll need to complete.

Read the full guidance on meeting Rules of Origin when trading with the EU.

Check the TCA legal text to see which rules apply to your goods (Chapter 2 as well as Annexes ORIG-1 to ORIG-4 will be most useful).

New Video from HMRC on Trading Processes

HMRC gas issued a new list of videos outlining the new trading processes and requirements that have been introduced from 1 January 2021

Click here to watch

Logistics and Transport – things to consider

Prepare for Brexit have updated their advice on how to prepare for ensuring your goods get to market, including transport routes, supply chain and documentation.

See here for updates

26 January 2021

Construction Law Update

Hawkswell Kilvington have published a useful article on ‘The Brexit Trade Deal and its Impact on the Construction Industry’. The article looks at:

  • Movement of goods
  • Standards of materials
  • Labour and services
  • Public procurement
  • Data protection

Read it here

25 January 2021

Updates to the Frequently asked Questions on EU Transition

Prepare for Brexit have updated the most asked questions by Scottish Businesses, to ensure your business is ready for the changes.

Click here to see updates

22 January 2021

EU Settlement Scheme

EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens can now apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. This also applies if you the family member of an eligible person of Northern Ireland. Government UK have opened the application scheme and details can be found here

UK-EU Free Trade Agreement – 10 key things to know

The Institute of Export & International trade have issued a summary of some of the key details from the UK-EU trade Deal.

To see the 10 key things to know click here

19 January 2021

New Rules for businesses now the Brexit transition period is over

Business Secretary, Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have launched a series of new video’s to help businesses understand the new rules on a variety of topics including importing, exporting, accounting and trade. Register now to access the video content.

The checker tool on is available to give you a personalised list of actions that you need to take now, or for any other questions contact the business support helplines. There is also guidance on moving goods into, out of, or through Northern Ireland.

15 January 2021

Support for Export and Customs

Prepare for Brexit have updated their guidance on the latest rules for those in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

See here for the updates

Brexit helpline for Businesses

For general enquiries for Brexit queries click here

NI business have issued guidelines for understanding your tax return, self-assessment, and business records

To access the videos and tools and see the deadlines click here

Sending parcels from Northern Ireland to Great Britain from 1 January 2021

To find out what you need to do as a business to move parcels from Northern Ireland and Great Britain, NI Business have given guidelines and advice.

See here for more information

14 January 2021

Tariffs on imported goods

The UK Global Tariff covers all goods imported into the UK, this applies unless you are importing from a country who has a trade agreement with the UK, an exemption applies, or the goods are covered by the Generalised Scheme of Preferences.

Check here to see exemptions

8 January 2021

Brexit impact on the business sector 

New guidance has been issued for those working in the construction sector.

See for update information here

Applying for authorisation for the UK Trader Scheme bringing goods into NI

From 1 January 2021 Gov.UK have issued new Brexit instructions on how to become authorised for liability when transporting goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

Guidelines on Custom duty, when to apply, who can apply and what you will need to be compliance can be found here

Support for export and customs documentation

With the expiration of the seven days grace for hauliers, it is even more critical that all documentation is in place to avoid disruption. Prepare for Brexit has issued more guidelines to keep you up to date.

See here

6 January 2021

UK–EU Free trade agreement

The institute of Exports has issued a 10-key guide to the UK-EU free trade agreement, this includes advice on continuity for hauliers, new customs advice, and services.

For more information check here

Brexit Checklist

Prepare for Brexit has issued guidelines on the EU transition period which finished on 1 January 2021 and the new rules for businesses came into place. Action needs to be taken to ensure you and your company are compliant with the new rules. These impact on labour, tax, laws, regulations, supply chains and competition.

Guidelines can be found here  

4 December 2020

Public sector procurement

The way that the UK public sector advertise supply opportunities will change on 31 December 2020. Information on public sector contract opportunities will be published on the new Find a Tender Service.

Read more

3 December 2020

Driving Abroad and Motor Insurance following Brexit

In the scenario where travel is not included in any trade agreement, after 31 December 2020, UK motorists driving all classes of vehicles, both privately owned and those within a company's fleet, will need to carry a Green Card as proof of third-party motor insurance cover.

Read more

2 December 2020

How will Brexit affect your supply chain?

The Scottish Government has published guidance on preparing your supply chain for Brexit.

Read it here

Hauliers handbook

Actions should be taken now to reduce transport logistics risk.

Read guidance here

27 November 2020


During the pandemic there has been some issues with the availability of products to meet demand. This has been due to manufacturers requiring to cease operations during the pandemic and more recently delays at ports. In the main, Members have managed to source plumbing and heating supplies without too much difficulty. However, we do not yet know the implications of Brexit on tariffs and exchange rates and COVID may continue to have implications for the supply chain for some time.

SNIPEF has met with John Newcomb, Chair of the Product Availability Group (PAG) which was set up earlier this year to work with merchants, manufacturers and housebuilders to identify where there were already or anticipated to be supply shortages and to attempt to resolve them.

There are currently 3 categories of product: electrical appliances, timber and roofing materials where issues with supply have been identified. At this point in time there appears to be no availability issues on core plumbing and heating problems with the exception of some imported sanitaryware.

PAG is recommending that those working in the sector and construction as a whole should forward plan and secure stock with merchants.

SNIPEF will maintain regular dialogue with PAG and we are asking that where Members do experience issues in obtaining products or where there are significant price increased, that they contact

25 November 2020

Data, IP and legal contracts

Do you know what actions your business needs to take from 1 January to ensure legal compliance around data protection and intellectual property? See Point 9 in the Brexit Checklist for what you need to do to comply.

Visit here

13 November 2020

Replacement for European Structural Funds

Plans for a Scottish replacement for European Structural Funds after EU exit have been published.

Read more

Free Brexit webinars

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is hosting free webinars to help you check the new rules and understand the actions to take. 

View them here

Trader support service/Trade with Northern Ireland

There will be changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland when the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into effect on 1 January 2021. 

To help with this, you can sign up for the free Trader Support Service. This service will guide you through changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and how you bring goods into Northern Ireland from outside the UK. The service can also complete declarations on your behalf. 

When the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into effect on 1 January 2021, the Customs Declaration Service will be used for declarations on the movements of goods to or from Northern Ireland, including goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. 

UK Transition: Stakeholder toolkit for business communications

The UK Government has prepared a UK Transition Toolkit which groups key messages and downloadable assets by business sector (and includes general business messaging). This is intended to support business advisors when engaging with businesses around readiness activities.

Read more here

27 October 2020

Brexit Readiness List

With Brexit looming, the UK Government has created a Brexit Readiness List to equip you with any upcoming changes which may affect your business, family and personal circumstances. All you have to do is answer a few questions to get a personalised list of actions.

Click here for your personalised list.

The Construction Leadership Council also has a useful dedicated news page for Brexit updates. View it here.

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