Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme (ACCS)

SNIPEF operates the Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme (ACCS) which was approved by Scottish Ministers in December 2009 and allows individuals (Approved Certifiers of Construction) to “self-certify” drainage, plumbing and heating work which is subject to a Building Warrant. The Approved Certifier must be directly employed by a business (Approved Body) who must be a member of the plumbing industry licensing scheme or at least meet the criteria of the scheme which is operated by SNIPEF.

There are many benefits in operating the scheme:

Your client will pay a reduced building warrant fee if they advise the local authority that they are using an Approved Certifier of Construction.

You will be able to “Self-Certify” (as long as you have demonstrated your technical competency) above or below ground drainage, heating installations (gas, oil, solid fuel boilers), unvented systems, micro-renewables (biomass, solar and heat pumps) and electrical work associated with any of these installations, which is subject to a building warrant.

Local Authority Building Control Departments (now known as verifiers) cannot refuse to accept an Approved Certifier's certificate and cannot ask to inspect work which has been certified by an Approved Certifier.

You will appear in the Scottish Government Approved Certifier website.

The fees for the scheme are as follows:

Approved Body FeeACCS fee – paid annuallyACCS – Building Standards Training courseCertificates to purchase
SNIPEF memberFree£112.50 plus VAT£180 plus VAT£10 each plus VAT(purchased in multiples of 5)
Non SNIPEF member£500£170 plus VAT£270 plus VAT£10 each plus VAT(purchased in multiples of 5)

For further information on how to become a member of the Approved Certifier of Construction Scheme, please contact the Schemes Department on 0131 524 1233

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