Scottish & Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board

By being a member of SNIPEF, an employer inherently becomes a member of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board for the Plumbing Industry (SNIJIB), and therefore agrees to abide by the collective agreement (formed by Unite & SNIPEF). SNIPEF members voluntarily sit on the SNIJIB Board as negotiators to relay employers’ opinions and knowledge of the plumbing industry. The SNIPEF negotiators obtain the views of employers through the SNIPEF Council, SNIPEF Local Associations and from surveys issued to all SNIPEF members.

If you wish to be involved in the SNIJIB Board please contact Stephanie Lowe.

The SNIJIB’s objective is to maintain and improve the plumbing industry taking account of employers’ views (SNIPEF) and employees' views (Unite the Union). The SNIJIB sets the standards and regulates wages, allowances, conditions of employment, grading, welfare and apprentice training for all plumbing operatives and apprentices in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

National Working Rules

The National Working Rules of the Plumbing Industry contain details of the conditions of employment (e.g. holiday entitlement, sick pay, working hours). The Working Rules are applicable to all firms in the industry, not just SNIPEF members.

The Rules contain information on:

  • Scheme of Grading Definitions and Conditions
  • Annual and Public Holidays with Pay Scheme
  • Industry Sick Pay Scheme
  • National Working Rules
  • Apprentice Training Scheme

Click here for the SNIJIB National Working Rules 2018.

SNIJIB ACS Agreement

In accordance with Rule 27 of the SNIJIB Working Rules, all employers shall meet the cost of ACS gas course training and assessment for all plumbing operatives who require to work on gas installations. In addition, all operatives must complete the standard SNIJIB Agreement in advance of ACS gas training or assessment.

The Agreement gives an employer consent to deduct an agreed proportion of the cost of the ACS gas training and assessment paid by the employer from any sums due by an employee to an employer where an operative terminates his employment within a period of three years from the date of completion of any ACS gas training and assessment.

Click here for SNIJIB ACS Agreement

SNIJIB Registration and Grading

All operatives employed by SNIPEF members should possess a SNIJIB Registration Card.

For the current grading definitions and conditions and the fee structure click here


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