SNIPEF to undertake a comprehensive review of the Scottish plumbing and heating apprenticeship

September 29, 2023

Skills Development Scotland has awarded SNIPEF the contract to review the plumbing and heating apprenticeship two years ahead of schedule due to the profession's swiftly changing demands and requirements.

The review aims to determine whether the current apprenticeship adequately addresses the needs of plumbing and heating employers while future-proofing the framework for technological advancements and changes in work practices. It will also specifically address innovations in low-carbon and sustainable technologies, an area of growing importance to the profession, government and society.

The review will be conducted in three stages over the next 18 months and include a comprehensive consultation with the profession to gather insights and discern future requirements and trends. In addition, SNIPEF members will be asked to participate in the Technical Expert Group, enabling them to play a pivotal role in developing the new framework.

"Undertaking this review is essential for Scotland's plumbing and heating profession," remarked Stephanie Lowe, SNIPEF’s Deputy Chief Executive.

"We are dedicated to fostering the next generation of plumbing and heating professionals and equip our profession to seize emerging opportunities.

"I urge all businesses, regardless of size, to actively participate in this review. Your engagement strengthens our future apprenticeship, ensuring it's resilient and of the greatest value to employers."

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