Net Zero Software Tester

March 31, 2023

Dear Member

The Scottish Government has approached SNIPEF to invite its members to beta test a new software programme called Neoni.

What is Neoni?

Neoni is an easy-to-use software that helps businesses prepare accounts of their greenhouse gas emissions, calculating direct and indirect greenhouse emissions across multiple years.

As a Neoni beta tester, you will be able to:

  • Create up to four years of carbon accounts. 
  • Identify key supply chain influences on emissions. 
  • Invite suppliers to use Neoni to create up to four years carbon accounts, free of charge.
  • Identify supply chain decarbonisation opportunities using the first version of the insights module.

Who might be interested in participating?

Participation in the beta test will appeal to businesses:

  • With ambitious net zero targets, and
  • Where a significant percentage of total emissions are embedded in purchased materials and supplies.

How to participate in the beta test?

Any interested SNIPEF members can find more information in the attached guide or contact SNIPEF at

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