PlumbHeat is our quarterly Member magazine.

Spring issue

Published: April 2022

In this issue: How to stay safe at height, discover technological advances transforming our lives, practical advice from Scottish Water and the truth about heat pump myths by Energy Saving Trust.

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Winter issue

Published: December 2021

In this issue: SNIPEF’s focus for 2022, Scottish Water’s advice on Water Bylaws, advice on retentions, and lots of advice on how to stay safe this winter.

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Autumn Issue

Published: September 2021

In this issue: Navigate potential problems with material shortages and rising costs, essential advice on sprinklers, celebrate our apprentices and how SNIPEF can help with employment advice.

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Summer 2021

Published: June 2021

In this issue: News from this years SNIPEF AGM, Discover the potential of electric water heaters, Get the latest on the fight to end the industry's payment problems, Delve into the world of apprenticeships during a global pandemic.

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Spring 2021

Published: April 2021

In this issue: SNIPEF's manifesto sets out our vision for the future of the industry, Kibosh clamp creator reveals his journey from apprentice to inventor and expert Rudi Klein on when to suspend work over payment problems.

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Winter 2021

Published: February 2021

In this issue: How you can access extra support to help apprentices, advice on navigating contract clauses covering work affected by COVID-19, and looking at the challenges and opportunities of the increase in heat pumps.

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Cover PlumbHeat Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020

Published: November 2020

In this issue: What you need to know on the updated guidance on RPZ valves; Information on sourcing safe PPE; Advice on pipe insulation, Dealing with mental and physical fatigue at work.

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Cover Plumbheat Summer 2020

Summer 2020

Published: September 2020

In this issue: Introducing our new logo and revamped website; Advice on returning to work as the coronavirus lockdown starts to lift; What you need to know about the rules on noise transmission; The task force keeping apprentices on the right track.

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Staying safe - Plumbheat spring 2020 cover

Spring 2020

Published: May 2020

In this issue: How to keep your business healthy through the coronavirus outbreak; Find out about fitting automated watering systems in gardens; What you need to know about protecting solo workers; How to choose the right insurance policy for your business.

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Flushin' roulette - Plumbheat Winter 2019-20 cover

Winter 2020

Published: January 2020

In this issue: The rules on air gaps and valves in cisterns to stop contamination; Stay safe from the crooks using high-tech tricks to steal tools and vans; Discover how to prepare for the impact of eco issues on the industry’s future; Join the fight to end payment problems.

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