Terms & Conditions of Employment: A Comprehensive Guide for SNIPEF Members

September 29, 2023

Since April 2020, UK legislation has mandated that employers provide written details of the terms and conditions of employment either before or on an employee's first day. This legal stipulation underscores the importance of transparency and clarity in employer-employee relationships.

By providing terms and conditions to your employees:

  • Clarity is established: It delineates roles, responsibilities, and behavioural expectations.
  • Protective measures are strengthened: It serves as a reference, safeguarding your company's interests during potential disputes.
  • Effective management is facilitated: It acts as a cornerstone for guiding employee relations, ensuring streamlined communication and understanding.

Key inclusions within the Terms and Conditions:

- Employee's full name

- Designated job title

- Official start date

- Comprehensive job description

- Defined working hours

- Specified workplace address

- Probationary period duration

- Detailed salary or wage information

- Holiday entitlement specifications

- Pension contribution details

- Relevant collective agreements

As a responsible employer, ensuring that these written particulars of employment terms and conditions are available to all employees is crucial. If you need assistance or a template to aid in this process, Linda Ferguson is available for support at linda.ferguson@snipef.org.

If you are not currently a member of SNIPEF but are interested in finding out more, please e-mail membership@snipef.org directly.

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