SNIPEF responds to the Scottish Government’s publication of ‘Starting a National Conversation on the Heat Transition in Scotland’

December 13, 2023

Industry expertise vital in shaping Scotland's heat transition policy, says SNIPEF Chief Executive

In response to the publication of the Scottish Government's 'Starting a National Conversation on the Heat Transition in Scotland,' Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive of The Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers' Federation (SNIPEF), stated:

"We welcome the start of this crucial dialogue by the Scottish Government and particularly applaud the increased commitment to incorporating industry expertise into establishing achievable targets. This represents a significant step forward and, hopefully, addresses the historical issue of setting unrealistic goals without essential input from those with practical experience.

"While we agree that achieving a better balance between political aspirations and public engagement is essential, it is equally vital to recognise the indispensable roles of professions like plumbing and heating. These professions are integral to the design, installation, and maintenance of heat pumps and district heating systems, as well as the decommissioning of fossil fuel boilers.

"Without their insights and the necessary development of professionals, both new and through upskilling the existing workforce, the conversation will achieve little more than hot air.

"We hope this comprehensive and inclusive conversation is a valuable step toward ensuring all stakeholders are actively engaged in the low-carbon transition from fossil fuels. It is a significant stride forward, fittingly coinciding with the COP 28 agreement on the same day."

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