SNIPEF Apprentice Diary – Wednesday

March 9, 2022

Marion Stewart

Today I met my journeyman at the yard. I was told we were off to start a bathroom refurbishment in a Brodie house which is living accommodation for the RAF personnel. The first job was to take off all the tiles, neither of us had our hammer drills on us so I started to use a hammer and chisel.

He went off to get a hammer drill to make the job a lot easier. I continued to work away until he came back. The only tiles that had to come off were the bottom for the floorer to get in around the bath and two full rows from the back wall. When he had returned, the joiners had arrived and started to work in the bathroom upstairs. I had nearly finished the tiles from the bottom. I swapped for the hammer drill. This made my job so much easier although you could only go for so long in case the hammer drill burnt out. I left it for a while once all that was done. We then drained the section of heating. He cut in new valves whilst I cut out four radiators and put them into the skip. Once that was done, he turned back on the heating.

Gemma Ireland

Wednesday morning I drive to meet Danielle who is my supervisor at Able Girl Plumbing. (I can get up at 7.30 am so have half an hour longer in bed!)  We travel in a distinctive van with our name and logo - we are easy to spot which is good for marketing. Our workload is based on the job list provided by my boss Joanna. We work for domestic customers so we meet so many different people – all ages and in so many different homes, large and small.

Ellie Ferguson

This morning instead of me filling out the Induction Paperwork today, I am processing Induction Paperwork. Each Regional Training Officer has been filling out the paperwork for the colleges they are allocated to for the new apprentices starting. When the RTO gets both confirmations from the employer and apprentice, they send in all the documents to the Training Inbox.

I am managing the main training inbox today, so I checked the date on Appendix 5 and RTO Induction and then I counted 2 weeks from that date. I then copy and paste the Induction Paperwork into the apprentice’s folder. After I had done that, I then moved the apprentice’s folder to the ‘expiry’ date folder and marked up the New Start spreadsheet to say that I had received the apprentice’s Induction. Someone or I in my team will pick up the Inductions that are in the expiry date folder. We all pop our initials on the Induction Paperwork we are doing so everyone knows that it is getting processed. To process the Induction Paperwork, we must add each apprentice onto three of our systems which are FIPS (Funding Information and Processing System), MA (Modern Apprenticeship) Online, and Maytas.  

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