SNIPEF Apprentice Diary – Thursday

March 10, 2022

Gemma Ireland  

On Thursdays, I drive to meet Danielle. Every day brings different jobs. From smaller jobs such as replacing taps to fixing central heating systems and renovating entire bathrooms. As well as meeting lots of nice people, it makes my day if we get to meet people’s pets. There are so many cute cats and dogs – some like to watch us work! I am learning so much from Danielle who is a fully qualified plumbing and gas engineer. She gives me lots of encouragement and support. It can be daunting learning new skills, so her patience is much appreciated. I am usually quite tired on Thursday nights so get to bed early! 

Ellie Ferguson 

My main task for today is processing as many T16s received from each college. The college sends in every December and June the most updated T16 which is a report showing what the apprentice has achieved at college. After I have marked up what units the apprentice has achieved at college so far, I then count how many objectives have been claimed to mark down on the apprentice’s profile, and depending on the age of when each individual started their apprenticeship; we claim that money on SDS (Skills Development Scotland) and our own system Maytas.

I then send the apprentice an email to say that I have claimed a milestone for them and that they must reply to Skills Development Scotland when they send them an email or text as the claim will be classed as ‘Unconfirmed.’ After I have claimed all the T16’s I can, I then run a report at the end of the day from SDS (Skills Development Scotland) and our own system Maytas. I analyse and match each report together and save it down for my colleague to check over the following day.  

Marion Stewart 

l go to the yard/office to meet my team and find out what our jobs are going to be for the day or week. My journeyman told us to go to the Banff Medical Centre to install a new drinking tap in the staff room kitchen. We loaded up everything that we would need. Our journey took about forty-five minutes and once we arrived, we spoke to reception who gave us passes to get around the building.  

Then we went up to the attic to have a look where the mains from the building came up and how far we needed to run our pipe to the kitchen. After that, we went down into the plant room to see where the valves lead. We asked reception for the plant room key and headed round. Once the door was open, we could see that the only way we could isolate the mains is by shutting it off from the start which meant that the heating and all the cold water would have to be shut off for about 30 mins. Once we had approval from our journeyman, we proceeded. 

We went back upstairs to mark out where we wanted the clips to go and installed them. Then we put the pipe in but only so far then crimp it into place. We also marked in the tee that had to be cut in tomorrow and made up a valve for isolating the new pipe, with a point for chlorination. We marked up where the tap was to go then packed away for the day and headed back up the road.  

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