Retrofit strategy essential for meeting climate goals

June 5, 2024

SNIPEF and 12 leading built environment organisations are urging the Scottish Government to adopt comprehensive retrofit strategies to meet fuel poverty and net-zero targets.

The group recommends establishing a ministerial oversight group and developing a Retrofit Delivery Plan to ensure adequate financial and human resources for widescale retrofit projects. This collaborative approach aims to address energy inefficiencies by implementing measures such as adding insulation, double-glazing, and fitting draught excluders to doors. These improvements reduce heat loss from properties, thereby lowering energy consumption and costs for residents while also cutting carbon emissions from homes powered or heated by fossil fuels.

The expert group stresses that without a clear, government-led path forward and critical resources in place, households will be left with energy-inefficient homes that are draughty and expensive to heat. This inaction will not only burden households but also contribute to increased household energy consumption and carbon emissions. By addressing these issues, the plan aims to reduce household energy consumption and carbon emissions, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Fiona Hodgson, SNIPEF Chief Executive, said, “A coordinated retrofit strategy is essential not only for meeting our net-zero and fuel poverty targets but also for the future of the plumbing and heating profession.

“By investing in retrofitting, we create thousands of new job opportunities, ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled professionals who can carry out these essential upgrades. This initiative will support our industry's growth, provide job security, and contribute to a sustainable and energy-efficient future for Scotland.”

Industry figures from the Construction Industry Training Board show thousands of additional construction workers are needed annually to meet the demand for retrofit projects. Meanwhile, data from the BRE Trust reveals that two in every five occupied homes in Scotland do not meet quality standards, with the highest failure rates related to energy efficiency.

The launch of the new retrofitting plan aligns with SNIPEF's 2024 General Election manifesto, emphasising the critical need for collaborative policymaking and skilled workforce development to achieve these ambitious goals. Visit our Election 2024 page to learn more about our retrofit proposal and its impact on Scotland’s future.


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