Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme

February 20, 2023

Members have recently contacted SNIPEF with concerns about payment delays from customers using the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme, leading to cashflow issues. Indeed, these prolonged delays have led some contractors to consider refusing installations from private customers using the scheme.

The finance offered is generous; however, the scheme must work for both customers and installers. Payment delays are unjustified and a significant barrier to entry into this market.

SNIPEF would like to hear from any member or business undertaking installations under this scheme, particularly if they have experienced payment delays.

SNIPEF, on your behalf, will use this evidence to engage and work with Energy Savings Trust and the Scottish government to improve the process while ensuring that only quality installers undertake the work, helping to contribute to the net zero ambition.

If you have experienced any issues with the Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme, email SNIPEF at technical@snipef.org with details or to arrange a call back from the team.

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