CIC LVD Map Second Edition

May 29, 2023

Our expert Len Bunton, FRICS FCIArb HON FRIAS, Contract Expert explains the new changes to the LVD Map.

The Second Edition of the LVD MAP has just been published by The Construction Industry Council (CIC), with some very welcome changes.

The dispute value has now increased to £100k, from £50k.

One of the main benefits of the LVD MAP is to establish a sliding scale of Dispute Value and Adjudicators Fee, as under noted:

Dispute ValueAdjudicators Fee
Up to £10k£2,000
£10,001 - £25,000£2,500.00
£25,001 - £50,000£3,500.00
£50,001 -£75,000£4,500.00
£75,001 - £100,000£5,000.00
Over £100,000Negotiable

The key thing for users is that you know your liability before you start proceedings, and you don’t get a disproportionate fee in relation to the Dispute value.

So, what are some of the other issues?

  • The procedure can be adopted if the Parties have included an agreement to use it in the contract. I recommend that you do that with your clients and down/across your supply chain.
  • The Parties can agree to use it.
  • The Adjudicator can decide if the LVD MP is appropriate to use.
  • The timetable is set out – the Referral Notice being received by the Adjudicator is Day 0, the Response is to be provided no later than day 7.
  • If necessary, a Reply can be submitted no later than day 14, and the decision is no later than day 28.
  • Disputes under the procedure are documents only, unless the Adjudicator directs otherwise, and the Adjudicator controls the procedure.
  • There are various other procedural matters in the LVD Map.
  • The Adjudicator will give reasons for his decision.
  • The Adjudicator decides who pays for his fees, parties bear their own costs.
  • Additional fees are necessary if a party wants a meeting and/or a site visit.
  • An interesting point is that the documents included in the Referral and the Response are limited to one A4 lever arch file when printed. There is one issue that is very important here, and that is to get your referral completed before the Notice of Adjudication is issued, to the other party.

All in all, I think this is welcome news for the Industry – it is fast, effective and Parties have some cost certainty. You can order the LVD MAP from the CIC.

However, can I mention again the RICS Conflict Avoidance ProcessCAP, and try and avoid disputes.

Download the LVD Map here for free.

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