ACS Gas Course Training & Assessment

October 30, 2023

Are your employees due to sit their Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) Gas Course Training and Assessment? If so, make sure you ask them to complete the SNIJIB Agreement first.

The SNIJIB National Working Rules have a rule (Rule 27) covering employees who complete the Accredited Certification Scheme for gas course training and assessment. All employers should meet the cost of this training and assessment for their employees. This does not apply to apprentices, as this training is provided as part of their apprenticeship.

Should the employee terminate their employment within three years from the date of completion of the training and assessment, the agreement gives consent to the employer to deduct a proportion of the cost of the ACS Gas Training and Assessment, which was paid by the employer.

Please note that an employee should sign the SNIJIB Agreement prior to them attending and sitting their ACS each time they intend to go on the course.

If you require information on the above, please get in touch with

A copy of the SNIJIB Contract Agreement can be found at

If you are not currently a SNIPEF member and are interested in finding out more information on our membership, please e-mail directly.

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