A message from the SNIPEF President

December 18, 2023

On 3 May this year, SNIPEF celebrated a significant milestone: its 100th anniversary. Founded in 1923 through the collaboration of seven local associations, our organisation has successfully and adeptly navigated many societal and industry changes. As the current President, I am deeply honoured to steer our centenary celebrations and feel a profound sense of responsibility as we navigate SNIPEF into its next century. 

Marking this centenary was not only a time of celebration and reflection but also an opportunity for forward planning. Guided by the wise words of John F. Kennedy in 1962, 'The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining', I, the Officer Bearers, Directors, and employees recognised that while we should honour the past, we must also prepare for the future. 

Embracing this philosophy, we launched the 'Beyond 100' strategy, charting a course for SNIPEF's future. I will not detail this strategy in my festive message, but I am confident in its continued development by my successors. This strategy is crucial for evolving SNIPEF to meet both the current and future demands of our profession and society. Key initiatives include revising our apprenticeship programme to align with the profession's needs and enhancing the public promotion of SNIPEF members to underscore the exceptional quality and professionalism of our member companies. I encourage all members to proudly display their SNIPEF credentials and stay tuned for more updates throughout the coming year. 

Reflecting on the broader profession, it's clear that 2023 has been a challenging year, particularly for the new build market. However, there are promising signs of recovery on the horizon. The dynamic nature of our nation's low carbon transition, often influenced by complex political dynamics, has also added a layer of uncertainty. These changing goals, targets and requirements significantly affect professions like ours. Yet, looking forward to 2024, I remain optimistic about gaining clearer direction and understanding in these areas. 

Finally, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all members for their steadfast support and contributions to SNIPEF. I also encourage you, if time permits, to actively engage in the governance and strategic direction of our organisation. Your input, bringing fresh ideas and energy, is not only welcome but also highly valued. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of SNIPEF. 

I wish you all a joyful Christmas and a prosperous 2024. 

George Baxter 

SNIPEF President 


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