Founded in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in 1983, Keraflo is well established in the field of water management. As a highly respected British manufacturer and trusted brand of choice, Keraflo designs, engineers and manufacture’s, proven water management solutions, specifically for light-side building services. As progressive pioneers, in 1987 Keraflo developed a uniquely designed float valve, which incorporated the use of ceramic discs in the valves, reducing maintenance and ensuring greater reliability for cold water storage tanks. Keraflo quickly became industry renowned for this design - even today.    

Keraflo’s commitment to manufacture, intelligent, efficient water management solutions, that optimise control, enhance water savings and increase water quality, has become the foundations from which the brand has been built. Keraflo is now synonymous with the Aylesbury delayed action mechanical float valves and Tanktronic systems which are recognised for efficiently managing cold water storage tanks in commercial buildings. With each and every Keraflo installation, we are ensuring the safety and more importantly the preservation of our planet’s most precious resource - water.    

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