The Electric Heating Company (EHC) is a one-stop shop for efficient electric heating systems. Using our expert knowledge and experience, we have developed our product portfolio to accommodate almost any Central Heating and Hot water requirement. Our product knowledge and support are unrivalled in the heating and hot water industry.

Founded in 2005, our comprehensive range of quality products has grown to include leading items such as the Comet & SlimJim Electric Boilers, DSR Combination Electric Radiators, Solaris, Edge, EcoSave and Visage Panel Heaters, Neptune Unvented Stainless-Steel Cylinders and Water Heaters and a plethora of other energy efficient electric heating products.

We specialise in alternatives to outdated Storage Heaters, LPG, Oil Heating and Solid Fuel. All our products can be installed as fully controllable Central Heating systems. They are 100% energy efficient and are affordable to operate in the current climate where we face ever-increasing energy costs.

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