The Diary of a SNIPEF Apprentice Day 5

March 5, 2021

It has been our pleasure this week to introduce one of our SNIPEF apprentices, Iain Winnard to celebrate and bring awareness to Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021. We hope that his detailed diary of the day to day of a plumbing and heating apprentice has given more insight into what apprentices bring to a company and also what you can expect if you decide to become an apprentice.

Iain has nothing but gratitude for his experience working with Graeme at Blair Plumbing & Heating Solutions Ltd, as he explains “It has changed my life in more ways than one, I would recommend this trade to anyone who is interested in travel and wants to start their career with an apprenticeship


My first job of the day was to go to a bar under renovation to see what works they were wanting done in the next couple of weeks and report back to my boss with what was required.

The customer wants a new glass cleaner/dishwasher installed under the bar, and a coffee machine at the end of the bar, not much work required there as the previous owner must have had the same layout and there is already a cold-water supply to these areas and a waste pipe for the glass washer.

Next was to investigate the rainwater drainage, because of the layout of the building and the surrounding landscape the rainwater drains come into the building and pour onto the ground towards a floor drain located at the back door of the building. The customers want the pipework re-designed so that the drainpipes go underground to connect to the main drain instead of just being open pouring onto the floor making a mess.

The last couple of jobs the customer wants doing were to increase the flow/flush rate of a cistern supplying a trove urinal, fix a stiff tap, and I tested to make sure the hot water cylinders immersion heater was still in operation.

My second job, was to head to a void house where there was a damaged sink that needed removing, the pipework stripped back and re-designed straight through the wall for a new unit to be put in. So I simply isolated the water, cut back the pipes, removed the sink and back of the unit and left the waste and two new copper pipe supplies horizontally straight through the wall with isolating valves on each tail, so the joiners can get their new unit in with ease.

At mid-day I headed back to the office to catch up with some paperwork, e.g. updating my diary with jobs completed, materials used, and duration spent on each job during the week.

After lunch, I got a call out from my boss to head to a house to investigate a leak coming from the back of a kitchen unit.

I arrived and it was a plastic push fit fitting that had cracked and come loose. To solve this, I isolated the water, removed the old fitting, and re-joined the pipework with a new one.

After that, I headed back to the office/yard and as it was getting to the end of the Friday, had a tidy up, sorted out my van, tidied the work store and had a catch up with my boss. Then called it a day at 5pm for the weekend.

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