CHC Group highlights benefits of apprentices

April 27, 2021

CHC Group highlights how apprentices are vital for the future of a company this #NIAW2021

Yesterday Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Week 2021 kicked off and SNIPEF is celebrating by featuring our member CHC Group, based in Craigavon in County Armagh. Today we look at the benefits an apprentice can bring to your company.

CHC Group asked one of their engineers, who work closely with apprentices, what they see as the benefits that apprentices bring to the company.

Having apprentices in the company shows that the company wants to train young people up and give them the opportunity to learn within our trade and our client’s requirements.”

Apprenticeships help the apprentices develop skills relevant not only to our trade, but also our own organisational needs.”

CHC Groups' engineer feels that they are a fantastic way to invest in the future of the company, as it actively encourages them to build talent from scratch and upskill along the way, which in the end benefits existing employees and what the company can offer the client.

"If an apprentice comes through the company and successfully achieves their NVQ L3 or SVQ L3, they will know what sort of person they are from day one. They can then be trusted and given more responsibility as their abilities grow with information, instruction, training and supervision and they will become familiar with the policies and standard of work expected throughout the company."

CHC Group's contract managers second that, saying "Mould apprentices to the company operations and policies and procedures from day one."

CHC Group feels that by giving apprentices a start in the working world, it gives them a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company. They have a rich history in bringing apprentices through the company, developing them both professionally and personally, and many apprentices are still with the company many years after completing their apprenticeships, now in different roles such as QS’s, Contract Managers, Estimators and one is now a Director of the company!

"Having an apprentice helps bring new engineers into the company with specific training to our work and needs, and also lets them learn how we operate as a company from a young age."

CHC Group is a great example of the success that can come from apprenticeships. Tomorrow we discuss with them how important is it to the company that younger generations continue in the plumbing and heating trade!

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