Scottish Government MCS Certification Fund

September 22, 2021

Having MCS certification in Scotland for heat pumps has never been more important as around 50% of homes will need to convert to zero or low emissions heating systems by 2030.

Any heat pump or renewable system being installed as part of any Scottish Government funded scheme can only be done by an installer that is MCS certified. 

The Scottish Government MCS certification fund will provide heat pump qualified installers (either air, ground or water source) with funds to pay their first year fees to become MCS certified.

This grant will pay 75% of the certification fees up to a maximum of £1,000, and will run until the end of March 2022 or until all funds have been allocated. Please note that funding cannot be offered retrospectively to those who are already MCS certified, this scheme is only for those not yet MCS certified for heat pumps.  

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In Scotland, the transition to net zero emissions will involve changing the type of heating used in more than two million homes and 100,000 non-domestic buildings by 2045. This means moving from largely fossil fuelled heating systems to low and zero emissions systems such as heat pumps. Around 50% of homes, more than one million households, will need to convert to a low carbon heating system by 2030.

Scottish businesses working in the low carbon and energy efficiency sector will need to scale up to meet anticipated demand. The Scottish Government is providing funding to support installers of heating systems to transition from fossil fuel boilers installations to low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps.

The Scottish Government’s MCS certification fund provides heating engineers with an interest in installing heat pumps (either air, ground or water source) with a grant to become MCS certified on heat pumps.

The grant will pay 75%, up to a maximum of £1,000, of the certification fees and will run until funds run out or until the end of March 2022, whatever comes first.

Please note, this funding is not retrospective if you are already MCS certified for a heat pump technology.

What is MCS certification?

MCS certification is a mark of quality which demonstrates compliance of both products and installation contractors with recognised industry standards. It also means that installers have been assessed as competent for the installation of their chosen renewable technology. It is supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Having an MCS Certified product installed by an MCS Certified Contractor means users can be confident that their system will perform efficiently and safely.

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