Misconceptions about Flexible Workforce Development Fund

August 25, 2021

What if every construction company in Scotland knew they could get either £15k or £5k to spend on training of their choice?

How could this help the Future Skills, Digital Transformation and Climate Change agenda?

Myth No 1

Only businesses with a wage bill of over £3M who are paying the Scottish Apprenticeship Levy are entitled to funding (£15K).


Not true! Any business in Scotland, even a sole trader, can apply for funding (£5k).

Myth No 2

You can only spend the funding on courses which your partner college offers.


Not true! Some colleges will sub-contract to other colleges or a private training provider if they can’t provide the training you require.

But!….. The total sum of funding includes VAT and a college admin fee of up to 1.3% which means 35% of the available funding is lost.

Myth No 3

You can only spend the funding on college courses and recognised qualifications.


Not true! You can spend the funding on any training or development that can demonstrate improved productivity. This includes qualifications (sub- degree level), short duration courses, bespoke training and development programmes designed for your company, 1-2-1 training or coaching, in- house training, eLearning, distance learning. 

Myth No 4

You can only apply through participating colleges.


Not true! There is funding available for companies who would prefer to partner with a private training provider.

Myth No 5

All the funding has to be used with a single college or training provider.


Not true! Colleges can sub-contract to other training providers or colleges so the funding can be used for any number of different courses/ programmes across any number of colleges or training providers.

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