Making a Quality Building Warrant Application – What you need to know

August 27, 2021

This guidance provides useful information on how to make a good quality building warrant application

The Building Standards Division has published new national guidance intended to help improve the quality of building warrant applications.

This guidance has been developed with key stakeholders to support the wider work of the Compliance Plan workstream of the Building Standards Futures Board. A sub-group of the Compliance Plan Working Group was formed to consider the typical attributes required for a good quality application for building warrant and how the guidance should support understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the people involved from design through construction and at completion.

This guidance is useful for all applicants and agents submitting a building warrant application. It provides procedural and technical checklists and promotes using competent professionals to help produce a quality application as they have the knowledge and understanding of the system, process and regulations.

The content of the guidance covers the following key areas:

  • Building standards system and warrant process
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Who should submit a building warrant application
  • What makes a quality application
  • Project and application types
  • List of useful building standards guidance
  • Checklists of what to submit with a building warrant application

The aim is to improve the consistency and accuracy of information submitted to verifiers to improve handling of building warrant applications, reduce the time taken to grant warrants and provide clarity on both procedural and technical requirements when making an application.

The guidance has been published today, 27th August 2021, and can be accessed on our website via this link - Making a Quality Building Warrant Application - What you need to know - (

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