Hear from SNIPEF’s very own apprentice

August 9, 2021

Ellie Ferguson, who is 18 years old, graduated from Tynecastle High School in March 2021 and has become a well-respected and important part of the STS team

SNIPEF Training Services (STS) are committed to supporting the next generation of industry experts, and that's why we have invested in their very own apprentice, Ellie Ferguson.

Here we find out how Ellie, who is going into her fourth month of her yearlong Administration Apprenticeship with SNIPEF Training, is getting on.

You are currently an apprentice at SNIPEF Training Services. Tell us a little bit about this.

Before my apprenticeship, I was attending school and working part-time in a beauty salon. I had decided that university was not for me, as I wanted to get straight into work, so turned my attention to looking for a full-time job. My mood was initially dampened after a few knockbacks, but this only made me more determined. I applied for my apprenticeship with SNIPEF and was quickly contacted and invited in for an interview the following day. After some quick cramming I managed to impress the team enough and was offered the role – I was so happy.

Why an apprenticeship?

What I really liked about this apprenticeship was that I would be interacting with lots of different people. It also appealed to me as it is so varied - I learn something new every day!

The training that you receive on an apprenticeship sets you up for future roles. I have recently been trained on databases and Microsoft packages.

I feel like an apprenticeship is a great thing to do; I learn so much, feel like a valued team member, get a qualification at the end, and get paid to do so. This is only the beginning of exciting things coming my way.

What are your working days like?

My apprenticeship is going very well, and I am pleased with my progress. I have eight units to complete throughout the year and after four months I am already nearly halfway there. My assessor assigns me work regularly and I always complete it to the best of my ability.

I have learnt a variety of things such as being able to process an apprentice, send out new start packs, process received start packs and making sure no information has been missed out that is needed, processing T16s, doing lots of jobs in the inbox like apprentice applications, reviews, and lots of different jobs. I have learnt that I can meet deadlines.

How did you manage working during the pandemic?

When I first started my job in March (working from home) I was finding things a little difficult, just trying to get used of where everything was, as it is my first job doing something like this. I imagined my first job being in the office with someone from my team beside me, helping me if I needed it, but when I need help, I just call someone in my team, and they were always happy to help.

What about college?

I don’t go to college; I meet up with my assessor Diane every 2 weeks via Zoom. She is very nice, I sometimes send her work that I have done just to make sure I am doing it the way she wants me to, and she always gives me feedback which helps me to improve or what I can do next time.

There are lots of different units I can choose from. I can’t do some units as I am not in the office, and Diane would need to come in and assess me. On Zoom, I show her some of the things I have done, so that she can mark off that she has seen me do it (GDPR rules).

The units I chose link in well with the things I am doing. For example, Collating Information is one of the units I have completed so that linked in well when I was entering apprentice details onto the system.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

If you get the chance/ opportunity, go for it! You get to meet new people and help them. And you get a qualification at the end of it. Through my apprenticeship, I have learned a lot of different things and continue to learn every day.

Do you have any plans for when your apprenticeship ends?

I hope I can get permanent employment as it is only for 1 year. Long-term I would like to go up the ladder from an apprenticeship to maybe even a manager. I aspire to be successful.

To learn how to recruit an apprentice, contact SNIPEF Training Services Ltd on 0131 524 1245 or email training@snipef.org!

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