Environmental Technology (ET) NOS Review

August 27, 2021


Building Services Engineering (BSE) Skills Ltd, is a joint venture by SELECT, SNIPEF and the BESA, set up to manage and develop National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications and apprenticeships for the building services engineering sector across the UK, as well as addressing the wider skills needs of the sector. BSE Skills works with key UK partners including APHC, BPEC, ECA, NET, TESP and others.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Environmental Technologies (ET)

The first suite of ET NOS was produced in 2008 (by SummitSkills) and re-approved in 2014 with a recommendation to update in 2018 but this update did not happen. BSE Skills Ltd has now been contracted to carry out a review of the ET NOS across the UK. The current suite of ET NOS is shown below.

ReferenceUpdated Title
SUMETS01Install, test and commission environmental technology systems
SUMETS02Service and maintain environmental technology systems
SUMETS03Diagnose and rectify faults in environmental technology systems
SUMPM10Manage work activities and resources to meet BSE project requirements
SUMPM14Develop, test and agree BSE project designs
SUMPM15Commission BSE installations
SUMPM16Determine requirements for environmental technologies in BSE

The NOS listed above are currently used to address competence in a range of Environmental Technologies either individually or combined as required. New technologies have entered the field (notably Hydrogen) and need to be understood, captured and accommodated within this suite to ensure ongoing relevance. The current range of Environmental Technologies used is shown below.

Solar Water and HeatingUnderfloor Heating Micro CHPGround Source Heat Pumps Air Source Heat PumpsBiomass/Biomass Fuels (Liquid) Rainwater HarvestingGrey WaterMech. Heat Recovery Ventilation Photovoltaics for Microgeneration Micro Wind EnergyMicro Hydro Gen. SchemesFuel Cell Technology

How you can help

As part of the review, BSE Skills Ltd must consult with employers, training providers and other key stakeholders across the UK to ensure the revised NOS meets the needs of the sector. We need your input and are asking you to:

  • Read through the NOS specifications (above) and provide feedback by telling us in:
    • Section 1: a little bit about yourself and your organisation (just the basics)
    • Section 2: whether the current NOS are fit for purpose (FFP) or could be improved and what that improvement should be
    • Section 3: whether currently listed technologies should be retained or removed (and why)
    • Section 4: anything further which is not accommodated elsewhere
  • Return the completed consultation template (Sections 1-4) IN MICROSOFT WORD:
    • by noon on Friday 24 September 2021

Click here to download the feedback form.

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