Corporate Social Responsibility through apprenticeships

April 28, 2021

To celebrate #NIAW2021 CHC Group discuss how important is it that younger generations continue in the plumbing and heating trade

Yesterday CHC Group highlighted the many benefits that apprentices can bring to your company.

What really stood out was how successful their apprentices have been at CHC Group, staying with them and moving their way up through the company. One former apprentice is now a director.

With all this success, we thought we would ask their opinion on how important is it that younger generations continue in the plumbing and heating trade.

As a company, they believe that apprentices are vital in tackling the skills shortages and youth unemployment rate. This view of social responsibility and vision for the future, truly shows that apprentices do not just help the company, but the company can help the community.

“As a business, we have the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future workforce by cultivating our own talent. Apprenticeships offer young people a high-quality and respected hands-on training route to a successful and meaningful career.”

It is also good for the industry, which as the contract managers explain, “the plumbing trade constantly needs new engineers.  There is a skill shortage as it is and finding quality engineers is proving very difficult.” As such, CHC Group view apprentices as “extremely important”.

Apprenticeships help younger people get into the industry, while also strengthening the industry, as the company highlighted yesterday, they also help to strengthen your company.

“We believe that employing apprentices improves productivity, strengthens our workforce and improves motivation amongst our employees.  We can make use of natural aptitude and train new people the way we want them to learn and work right from the very beginning.”

For the future of their business, CHC Group see this as It is vitally important to enable the business to keep trading and expanding to meet the needs of our client’s requirements and tender for new business.

We hope CHC Group’s success stories and experience has got you thinking of taking on an apprentice. If you would like more information, contact

Check in tomorrow when we ask CHC Group what advice they would give companies who are thinking of taking on an apprentice!

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