Challenges facing renewable supply chain

May 26, 2021

The research will allow us to voice industry concerns to the Scottish Government

SNIPEF has teamed up with Edinburgh University, Energy Saving Trust and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre to carry out some research on the challenges faced by businesses in the renewable energy supply chain.

As our Members may be aware, the Scottish Government has set out targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Heat in buildings is viewed as one of the main areas where carbon emissions will need to be reduced to help meet the net zero target by 2045 and a mass transition to renewable energy system installations will be required.  

As many of our Members currently deliver heat services, such as combustion appliances installation and maintenance, the transition to renewable energy will impact many SNIPEF Member businesses.

As part of the research, Edinburgh University will carry out a number of telephone interviews with SNIPEF Members in Scotland. The interviews will determine what common challenges are faced by businesses currently in the supply chain and those that intend to make a transition to the delivery of renewable energy services. The outcomes of the research will allow SNIPEF to voice the concerns of the supply chain businesses to various government bodies to ensure our Members are heard.

If you are currently delivering renewable energy services, or you see this as being part of your business in the future, we invite you to take part in the interviews.

If you would like to be involved, please click here.

This is great opportunity to voice your opinions and support us in ensuring the voice of SNIPEF members is heard.

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