Advice for companies thinking of apprenticeships

April 29, 2021

To celebrate #NIAW2021 CHC Group give their advice to companies thinking of taking on an apprentice

This week SNIPEF has been celebrating Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Week #NIAW2021 by focusing on our member CHC Group and sharing their experiences with apprentices at their company.

They have had such wonderful success with their apprentices that we wanted to ask them to share their advice for companies who are perhaps considering taking on an apprentice. Here is some advice from CHC Group!

If you are thinking of taking on an apprentice, we would recommend having the following in place:

Have an apprenticeship agreement in place:

"This is usually completed by the college and the HR Dep at your company.  Include a probation period of at least 6 months (this allows the apprentice a reasonable amount of time to prove their worth), carry out regular performance reviews and proactively get feedback from any engineer/and or client the apprentice has been placed with. Make sure to adhere to the minimum wage"

Make it a joint Agreement:

"Ensure there is a joint agreement between yourself and the apprentice that a failure to maintain college attendance and/or achieve the required qualifications may lead to dismissal. We would suggest this is written down rather than carried out verbally.  This could be done at the Company Induction, which should be as thorough as if you were inducting a fully trained plumbing engineer."

Government Funding:

"Be aware that government funding for apprentices is tiered according to age, with higher funding available for younger apprentices. Resist the temptation to put an upper age limit on your apprenticeship schemes as this could expose you to age discrimination unless you can objectively justify it."

CHC Group encourage other companies to take on apprentices, saying "Nothing should give you more satisfaction than seeing a young person you gave a chance to develop and grasp their new talent and putting it to good use on a daily basis for you and your client base. By nurturing that initial enthusiasm and drive and guiding them each step of the way by showing them new things in a professional and safe manner will lead to them becoming the next best asset to your business."

For more information about taking on an apprentice, contact""

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