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Tech Talk Aberdeen: Navigating Low-Carbon Opportunities and Grant Funding

25 September at 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Welcome to SNIPEF Tech Talks, breakfast sessions designed to equip members with the tools for growth, foster new business opportunities, and provide a platform for networking.

The Tech Talk Inverness focuses on the low-carbon heating market, providing attendees with insights into renewable technologies, funding mechanisms and business opportunities. It serves as a vital platform for those aiming to successfully navigate the low- carbon transition and gain a competitive edge in the renewable sector.

This session is aimed at individuals and businesses looking to enter or expand their presence in the low-carbon heating market. Attendees will receive insights into various heat pump technologies, such as hybrid, Air-to-Air (A2A), and Air-to-Water (A2W) systems. They will learn about the optimal applications of these technologies, address common faults and overview recent changes to MCS.

You will also learn about electric heating alternatives within the broader context of the low-carbon market and discuss integrating solar PV, using battery storage solutions, and deciphering smart tariffs.

This session will give you a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the low-carbon heating market, equipping you with forward-looking knowledge on the future of heating solutions.

This session equips plumbing and heating professionals with the knowledge to navigate and advocate for Home Energy Scotland grants and the ECO4 scheme, opening doors for businesses to assist customers in accessing grant funding. Discover how these grants operate and how your business can play a pivotal role in guiding customers through the grant application process to finance their transition to eco-friendly heating.

Attendees will gain valuable insights on enhancing their service offerings and driving business growth through informed customer support on eco-friendly heating solutions and grant opportunities.

This knowledge will enable businesses to advise and support their customers in making informed decisions about eco-friendly heating solutions, funding opportunities, and overall energy efficiency improvements.



Location: North East Scotland College

Hareness Road
Aberdeen, Altens Industrial Estate AB12 3LE United Kingdom
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