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Adopt an Apprentice

The Adopt an Apprentice Programme was introduced by the Scottish Government to support Modern Apprentices who had been made redundant as a result of the economic downturn. A one-off grant is available to employers who employ a redundant apprentice to enable them to complete their training. The employer is required to “give an undertaking to employ the apprentice for the duration of the remaining period of apprenticeship”. In the event that an employer is subsequently forced to make a recruited 'redundant' apprentice redundant, then the employer is required to repay the full grant to Skills Development Scotland.

Eligible apprentices:

  • All Modern Apprentices who are made redundant by their employer.
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • Proof of redundancy must be supplied by the apprentice, e.g. P45 or official letter of redundancy.
  • Evidence of the circumstances which brought about the redundancy must be provided to the training provider
  • An application form for the grant (available from SNIPEF ) must be completed and submitted to SNIPEF Training Services Ltd for onward transmission to SDS who will respond within 14 days of receipt of a completed application form.
  • If approved, payment of the grant will be made as soon as possible thereafter.

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